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ZXTM40 drilling machine

ZXTM40 drilling machine
ZXTM40 drilling machine details
1.ZXTM-40 drilling machine with milling; drill boring mill; tapping and other cutting functions.
2. this machine with belt drive, low noise, suitable for various materials on drilling, expansion, reaming and milling.
3. this machine has 12 variable speed, speed wide range, suitable for processing various hard and soft materials.
4. spindle box and table can be raised and lowered, or revolve turning, expanded the scope of process.
5. body stable firm.
6.ZXTM-40 drilling machine according to user needs is porous and multi axis drilling, expansion, hinges, attack.
ZXTM-40 drilling machine use:
suitable for all kinds of small parts machining, in particular non-ferrous materials plastic nylon cutting, simple structure, advantages of flexible operation, widely used in single or batch manufacturing; instrument industry; building decoration and repair sector. BACK