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ZX20 drilling and milling machine

ZX20 drilling and milling machine
ZX20 milling and drilling applications: integrated
drilling-milling machine milling machine, drilling machine main features designed with milling; drill boring mill; tapping and other cutting functions, some models of spindle box of left and right revolving 90 ° in the vertical plane, table area horizontal vertical horizontal movement, and left 45 °. Suitable for all kinds of small parts machining, in particular non-ferrous materials plastic nylon cutting, simple structure, advantages of flexible operation, widely used in single or batch manufacturing; instrument industry; building decoration and repair sector.
ZX20 drilling machine main origin:
1. Shandong tengzhou (national 80% milling and drilling by tengzhou, the model more, reasonable prices, mainly to small and medium machine)
2. In Shenyang, Liaoning province (mainly in the large and medium machine CNC drilling and milling)
3. China Taiwan (known with high precision turret milling head) BACK