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Selecting sawing machine should pay attention to what the problem

Stability of 1, band saws and cutting rates is the key. Jinan high rigidity of sawing machine bases, saw frame selection all plates welded together by the tempering process, eliminating welding stress. Exterior sand, fine processing, machine building design excellence, beautiful appearance, ensuring the stability of sawing and cutting rates. Transmission using worm transmission, with high transmission efficiency, vibration is little, the noise is low, reasonable structure, transmission ratio, the appearance is beautiful and saw all the deployment of harmony and so on. Steering parts by wheel base, tungsten steel, noise wheel and equipped with cooling nozzle. Sintered tungsten selection of cemented carbide and steel plate, high strength, good resistance to abrasion. Hacksaw frame with lifting large-diameter cast-steel tube, chrome plated partner-oriented structure design, done by the main lift cylinders cut
2, saw life and failure rates is a top priority. Like Xin Yue machine tools on the market today saw Xin Yue saw very similar in appearance, and even the color, model was the same. But life only authentic Xin Yue saw one-fifth, and even lower. And that failure rates are very high! Smart clients, of course, choose more cost-effective Xin Yue saw. BACK