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Sawing machine troubleshooting

  Of raw material according to the saws cut through transmission shift handle on the selection of the correct cutting speed according to different raw material and workpiece shape, after speed control valve handles the selection of the correct feed. According to the cutting length, adjust the fixed-length pole position of the device and lock, ejector pins should normally be on upper edge of base direction of the workpiece. Band saw blade set in two saws will be ready to wheel, and card into the Guide pulley and guide blocks, and then force wrench with square head on the tensioning screw saw blade tension, the tension is generally set to a size of 60-80Nm. Bad
  saw guide arm, interval between the lead arm is too large. Saw wheel rolling circumference is too small, advocated the use of narrow-band saw. Band saw blade tension is too large. Cut into to too much. Welding questions. Tooth abnormal abrasion. Teeth running no. Spacing between the lead arm is too large or lead arm is not in the same level, should be adjusted. Sawing side wheel or carbide disc is damaged and should be replaced. Band saw tension is too small. Cutting workpiece plywood lax. Welding questions. Teeth is not running properly. No or too little amount of coolant concentration. Viewing or replacing the steel ball. Adjust the cut feed rate or the band saw speeds. The selection of the correct type.