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Saw spindle protection and conservation

    saw spindle unit some protection and conservation of the primary include: sawing spindle and feed drives organizations, guides, such as the protection and conservation. For more protection and conservation are as follows:
  spindle Assembly is a primary component in CNC sawing machines, first and foremost by the spindle, bearings, spindle stop device, active clamping and cutting the eradication of devices.
  CNC sawing machines of main shaft of smooth, cooling and sealing is sawing machine use and protection in the process of focusing on a few issues.  
    foremost, outstanding smooth effect to lower the operating temperature of the bearing and extend life and to this end to be noted in operation using: low speeds, grease and oil circulation and smooth; at high speed using smooth oil mist and oil and gas. However, the grease smooth, spindle bearing the seal usually bearing space volume for 10%, should not feel free to fill up, because too much oil, it would increase the heating of spindle. Smooth oil cycle, to do every day to view the main shaft is smooth in action using constant temperature tank, look at oil quantity is not enough, if not oil, you should increase the smooth oil; to watch with smooth temperature scale is not appropriate.
  in order to ensure that the spindle has excellent smooth, cut conflict fever, and can carry away the heat of spindle Assembly, usually circular smooth system smooth hydraulic oil pump power supply, using oil temperature control to control the oil temperature in the tank. CNC sawing spindle bearings smooth high-grade oil storage method is chosen, plus an oil to use 7-10. New smooth cooling method not only to reduce the bearing temperature rise, it cut the bearing temperature difference between the inner and outer rings to ensure spindle thermal distortion.
  see more spindle has two ways to smooth, and smooth method to approximate the smooth oil mist, but smooth oil mist is a series of supply of oil mist, and the oil slick is punctual quantitatively clearing oil mist into the bearing, so not only completed the oil mist is smooth, and avoid oil mist and pollutes the air. Jet smooth method is to use a larger flow of constant temperature oil (each bearing 3~4l/min) Jet spindle bearing in order to achieve smooth and cooling purposes. Larger flow jet of oil here is necessary to forcibly oil drain drain pump, rather than a natural return. And also to use a dedicated large capacity high accuracy constant temperature tank, oil temperature control of ± 0.5 ℃.
  second, the spindle's cooling is important to reduce heating in the bearings, useful to control heat.
  third, spindle seal not only to avoid dust, debris and cutting fluids into the spindle at the end, and smooth to avoid oil leakage.
  spindle sealing has touch and non-touch-sensitive sealing. Regarding the choice of roofing felt and oil-resistant rubber seal-touch sealed, you want to look old and deteriorating; on non-touch-sensitive seals, in order to avoid leaks, the first is to ensure that the oil quickly drained, make sure oil return holes well.
  sealing structure of spindle front bearing
  above, of NC sawing machine application and protection of highly focused on during the process of main shaft of smooth, cooling and sealing problems and carefully done work in this area.