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Influence elements of band saw blade cutting speed

&Nbsp;  saw blade life and cutting speed includes band sawing machine to order. When the band saw is in the best condition, cutting with a saw blade: smooth, straighter and faster.
1, band saw, see master-slave gear, outer wear, wheel flange wear, master-slave wheel bearings will cause deformation of saw blades and band saw blades breaking.
2, band saw, logging to the Guide pulley and back pressure, general malnutrition, outer wear, direction-finding guide wheel bearing and the back pressure side, band saw blade breaks, band saw blades have scratches, cut awry or malnutrition.
3, straight, right and work straight, not straight up and down, right and jaw straight, mercy is not straight.
4, hydraulic oil, liquid intermittent feed control band saw severe wear or band saw blade disintegrating teeth; system high pressure-feed too quickly, too low cutting slowly filters the intermittent feed control band saw severe wear or band saw blade disintegrating teeth, cut into the feed force for lack of form cutting slowly.
5, band saw tensioning force, breaking or cracking of high tension band saw blades, band saws, master-slave wheel bearings and shafts to form excessive wear; too low tension cut Askew.
6 rims, rims and hump between band saw blade breaks or cracks, excessive wear of wheel flange.
7, drive system belt and roller speed band saw blade does not agree with gearbox oil gearbox noise filter can cause gearbox damage.
8, watch jaws, such as wear, cutting length will not be accurate, such as knife, cut Askew.
9, band saw blade speed, directly affect blade life.
10, feeding system, feeding rates and feed pressure too high too large feed force, low cut
11, chip removal system, wire brushes and drive mechanism working chips too much will cause premature wear of saw blade teeth or cracking.
12, the main type of cutting fluid, and coolant type, depending on the details of the case may be.
13, cutting fluids, cutting fluids and flow will affect the band saw blade life.

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